Young Lions, Starts from New in 2018

1. Background

Cannes Lions is the top competition and event for global creatives, and the dream for all advertising/creativity industry practitioners.

While Young Lions is the competition specially held by Cannes Lions for young people who is under 30 years old. "Having ever been to Cannes or not will decide to some extent how far a green hand can go finally." said Tomaz Mok about the deep meaning of Young Lions, Jury President of the local Young Lions Competition in China.

The local Young Lions Competition in China held by Modern Advertising magazine is the only gate for young Chinese creatives to Cannes Lions, which starts calling for entry in every April.

With the spirit of fostering creative forces at Cannes Lions, the local Competition will select 7 teams in the categories of Print, Film, Digital, Design, Media, Marketers and PR to compete in Cannes. At the same time, it will also select two students from universities to attend a full-week training at the Roger Hatchuel Academy(RHA) in Cannes. This close communication with world-class masters at Cannes Lions will benefit the contestants for a lifetime.

15 years ago, Modern Advertising held the first local Young Lions Competition in China. Although these young contestants possess the characters like desire, advancement, suspicion, subversion and rebellion, they will grow up and get mature one day. And their growing environment will decide the destiny of China's new generation in advertising/creativity industry and thus influence the industry's future.

Over the 15 years, Chinese advertising industry has made tremendous progress, and the best proof of development is no more than a Gold Award.

Looking back into the history, Chinese Young Lions contestants made great achievements. Zhang Tingting and Song Tingting won the Gold in Young Lions Marketers in Cannes 2014. It is the first time that the Chinese team had won the Competition, and even a Gold Award for the first time.

At Cannes Lions 2015, Cao Xinqi and Yu Xiaoyi won Bronze in PR of Young Lions. The judges' evaluation about their works is very interesting, in which they use a very humorous way to express a serious topic with highly enforceable ability. At the same time, the client - public welfare organization Greenpeace highly appreciated their work.

In 2016, the Chinese team made another great achievement. Anna Yang and Zhao Xian won the Gold Award in media. The other team of contestants Li Chun Man and Ng Wai Lun won the Silver Award in the print.

The 15 years of hard work are not long enough for changing the Chinese advertising industry. We need more young people to participate in the local Young Lions Competition in China. We have to tell these young people: Travel overseas and have a look. The future of Chinese creativity is in your hands!

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2. Who is it for

Audiences who is interested in advertising industry, marketers, advertising practitioners and students etc.

3. Challenge

In conjunction with the local Young Lions Competition in China, to deliver and promote the Competition as an event.

Promotion points suggested:

1. Make public know that all of the works of the local Young Lions Competition in China will be accessed in future.

2. Joining the Competition is the direct gate for young creatives to the top creative hall.

However, it is not limited to this. It is hoped that the contestants can make the whole event a complete marketing communication case so that more people can pay attention to and participate in the Competition and increase its influence.

4. Time

The promotion/ communication period of the Competition is March and April; The official onsite contestants' presentation is in early May; During May and June, it is the follow-up promotion/ communication period in , and the contestants can choose any specific period of time to do the follow-up promotion based on their own needs.

5. Target Requirements in Details


Modern Advertising magazine will conduct a special issue to promote the local Competition. The contestants need to design a magazine cover themed with the Competition including the elements of young, interesting and high-quality, reflecting the characteristics of the Competition that is openness and co-prosperity, creative hall and fostering talents. It must be eye-catching enough to allow young people in advertising industry to have the desire to attend right after seeing this.

Specific requirements:The cover shall feature pictures of figure promoted for the Competition, which can be created based on the given material. The overall image of the figure should not be changed. Please refer to the material from 2013 to 2018.


Taking the local Young Lions Competition in China as a promotion/communication point, a digital-based communication program shall be designed to attract young people's attention through interesting methods, content or topic marketing. The purpose is to expand the influence of the Competition and to create continuous effect so as to form a communication matrix.


Taking the local Young Lions Competition in China as a promotion/communication point, the HTML5-based promotion and design work shall be designed to promote the Competition in universities, to let students scan QR code and go directly to the website. It shall highlight the characteristics and advantages of the Competition so as to attract more college students and inspire their enthusiasm. It can be emphasized that the winners of the Competition will be selected by Modern Advertising to go to Cannes Lions to study and participate in the RHA, which is the best way for students to broaden their horizons and reach out to the world's top creative ideas.

Specific requirements:The figure image promoted for the Competition must appear in the design content.


Taking the local Young Lions Competition in China as a promotion/communication point,a campaign film shall be created for the Competition, reflecting the charm of the event to young people in advertising industry and appeal more of them to attend. Theme suggested: interviews with the past contestants of the Competittions, the contestants' own "48- hour hard working" to prepare the Competition, etc. The duration of the film shall not exceed 3 minutes. The specific angles and contents can be selected on your own, and there are no restrictions for the format. They can be TVCs, short videos, and micro-movies. The content of presentation should include the concept of activity & creativity explored by the contestants and the specific implementation plan. There is no hard requirement for the use of video material.


Taking the local Cannes Young Lions Competition in China as a promotion/communication point, to create a complete media marketing campaign for the Competition with media method as the main focus. It can use self-initiated topics or select elements of the Cannes Lions with no limit for the media form. The aim is to attract more young people to participate in the Competition and let them understand that the Competition is the direct gate to stand on the international creative stage.It is hoped that bold and interesting ideas will make the Competition stand out among those many advertising festivals and appeal more attention.


The special issue about the local Young Lions Competition in China hosed by Modern Advertising will be a permanent issue every year during the period, which is also the most important subsidiary product of the Competition. Contestants shall create a marketing communication for the special issue and deliver the meaning of the Competition to young people in the industry in an interesting way.they can brainstorm bold ideas. It is hoped that the contestants' work completely include the activity concept, creative idea, and specific implementation plan.


Taking the local Cannes Young Lions Competition in China as a promotion/communication point, please find a public communication point for the Competition. It will present the promotion points to the public, such as "participating in the local Young Lions Competition in China which will be a direct pass for young people in the industry to the top creative hall". Then according to the communication point of your choice, conduct a bold PR communication. It is hoped that the contestants' work can accommodate the full concept, creative idea, and specific implementation plan.

Considerations required:

1. How to encourage more young people to attend the local Young Lions Competition in China as well as related events.

2. How to ensure these events touch the target audiences?

3. What elements are need to ensure the success of this event?

4. How to measure or evaluate the success of your campaign?

6. Other Instructions

There are no specific restrictions on the form, budget or time of delivery. The contestants can play on your own.

Material: contestants can use the Mankids logo of the local Young Lions Competition in China, while its overall image cannot be modified. Please refer to the visual works from 2013 to 2018. The logo of Modern Advertising can be chosen to be used.







现代广告杂志社承办的戛纳幼狮(Young Lions Competition)中国区选拔赛是中国青年创意人通往戛纳的唯一桥梁,于每年4月份开始征集选手。






2016年,中国军团再创佳绩。中国选手Anna Yang和赵娴获得了媒介类别比赛的金狮奖,另一对选手李俊文和吴纬纶则获得了戛纳幼狮平面类别比赛的银狮奖。



2016年媒介摘金 平面获银奖











































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